Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sky Song

Constructing constellations dot by dot,
We never agonize o'er what is not.
Say a leg is missing, or an arm--
We draw it in the picture, what's the harm?

They sky is quite forgiving, won't you say?
The galaxies and planets far away;
They do not need attention, care, and love,
They watch us from a silent place above.

But here the little things upon us press,
We live our lives in pain, we oft transgress;
Important things are lost that we might need,
We miss them, though to heaven we may plead.

I do not know exactly what to say.
I think I've lost myself along the way.
When I look high, sometimes I just see bars,
And parts of me are strewn amidst the stars.

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