Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekly Writing Challenge--The Sky

The heavenly orbs have been in my thoughts all week, as we've watched the convergence of the new moon and Venus. I'm working on a poem to express the wonder and majesty I've been observing.

This week's challenge: write a poem celebrating the sky. Planets, stars, asteroids, mythology, whatever strikes you as you gaze upward. Please share it with us in the comments!

1 comment:

the narrator said...

cast your bait into the sky
reel in the clouds
reel in the stars
the sun
the moon
reel in your dreams
your nightmares

swim with the wind,
collecting your hopes and desires
ride the dust
surf the leaves
wade in the smoke
the whispers in the air
keep your secrets
and tell no one

breathe from the mountains navel
return to the womb of your sunrise
to the moment of conception
where the trees and rivers meet
where sunlight
bites the shadow’s neck

rest your head along the horizon
lay in the grave of eternity
where the sun meets the stars
the clouds meet the smoke
where hopes and desires collide
where dreams and nightmares become one
and tornadoes shred whats left